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Saturday, 24 December 2016 06:50

It was indeed a day to be remembered by all participants of MMM Nigeria when they woke up on the 13th of December 2016 to discover that they cannot make withdrawals from the system, as the holiday freeze mode had been activated in order to make adjustments and launch in the new year carrying fewer hassles experienced on the platform all through the year.

This development generated a lot of furor especially in the media. In fact, most media outlets made a killing literally, as all kinds of news item had MMM written all over it all in the bid to attract readers and generate traffic on their websites.

Some of the social media was also not left out in the proliferation of the bad news. It was as if most people had been waiting for the news to break so they can make caricature of the system. Many surfaced on Instagram, facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. making a mockery of MMM participants.

The television stations too were not left out as no day passes without commenting negatively on the community. Why this animosity? If I may attempt to answer this question, I will say it is a concerted effort between the banks and the Nigeria media to rubbish the name of the community.

Why is it that no one is mentioning all the good things done by MMM participants? Why is the media not covering the benevolent acts of the participant of MMM community? Just yesterday, MMM participants in Warri Delta State donated provisions and money to the elderly. In Akwa Ibom, a bore hole was erected for the people of a community. In Abuja, over 5 Million Naira was raised and donated to Internally Displaced Persons; in Lagos, several millions of Naira was spent on charity. Or is it that of water Project in Port Harcourt, or visit to the motherless homes in Abia, Delta, UCH Ibadan visitation, General Hospital Benin visit amongst others. Only few mass media whether social or electronic publicized these events.

The banks on their own were fighting tooth and nail to see that the community collapses. And this they made evident by advising customers not to ?invest? in the scheme. Some even went as far as sending newsletter to their customer mentioning MMM as a Ponzi scheme. MMM is never an Investment platform and we are not competing with any platform, be it physical or virtual platform.

Recently, the report reaching us at this time is that some banks are finding it difficult to fulfill their obligations to their customers. Reports pouring in from Port Harcourt and Yenagoa is that bank customers are not allowed to withdraw the exact amount they want to withdraw, instead they are offered 50% of their intending withdrawals. Especially that of Lagos, even the queues at the ATM is very alarming. Have you seen the guardian news dated 22.12.2016, ?N700 billion trapped in private placement scams?. (

Guess what? No news outlet has reported anything about this anomaly. No one is talking about it. That is to show you that all the media report on this community is been orchestrated and sponsored by people who dislike the community. It is a conspiracy between the banks and the media.

I stand here to say that we cannot be intimidated by the wiles of the media and the banks. MMM Nigeria participants are resolutely and resiliently behind our great community because we know that we are changing lives, bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. And we will not stop until every member of the community is financially free. Source MMM Nigeria

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