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APC strong, united –Officials

Monday, 22 August 2016 09:57

Following far reaching indications and reports of massive disenchantment and rumble in the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, some officials of the party at the weekend swiftly dismissed it and attributed it to the handiwork of some elements determined to create friction and disunity within the party, the government, and among its leaders.
Those who spoke to Sunday Sun include the National Organizing Secretary, Senator Osita Izunazo, the National Treasurer, Chief George Muoghalu, and the Publicity Secretary of the Lagos chapter of the party, Engr Joe Igbokwe. The trio roundly condemned the reports and called for collaborative efforts of all in the daunting task to build a new Nigeria, and achieve the lofty objectives and manifesto of the party.  Moughalu described those behind the reports as “those who are trying to create problem, where there is no problem. They are not truthful and cannot be well meaning members of our party. No issue like that has ever cropped up in any organ of the party. So why are they grumbling without reaching out to the appropriate organs? The party is strong, united and cohesive. I suspect that this sounds more like a craft from the opposition PDP, a party that is gasping for breath. There is no problem here. The leaders are working in harmony with the president.”
Similarly, Igbokwe said the reports may not be unexpected in a political party. “People will always grumble. It is always like that. It is not easy to satisfy everyone.  But the president is carrying the leaders of the party along. Those who are trying to sow seeds of discord are doing it for their own selfish reasons. I don’t think Asiwaju has any issues with anyone, not even with the president.”
Izunaso, who is currently abroad also dismissed the reports, adding that “nothing so far has created the impression that there is a likelihood of any blow –up in the party, now and in the foreseeable immediate future. He said the party is well structured to withstand such upheavals, if and when they come, while advising those who are not happy with the party to use the appropriate channels, “ rather than going to the press”.

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  • APGA accuses APC of printing identical logo to deceive electorate

    The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has accused the APC of subterfuge in printing identical cock logos for it and the Citizen Peoples Party, CPP as a way of diluting its votes. The party in a statement in Benin yesterday and signed by the Director General of Osaro Onaiwu Campaign Organization, Mr. Patrick Anethua, described the action of the party as “a deliberate act perpetrated by APC to truncate and discredit the electoral process come September 10 2016governorship election. “It has been uncovered that dubious members of Edo State APC have gone ahead to print and distribute to the public showing parties initials, logos and voting pattern indicating wrong party logos between APGA and CPP to deceive voters by printing two identical cock logos for both APGA and CPP. “This is in furtherance of overwhelming popularity and support being enjoyed by APGA in Edo State who currently have favour of the electorate.” He explained that the original logo of the CPP is the human palm sign and that of the APGA, a cock sign and therefore warned the public to be aware of the intrigues and politicking of the Edo state APC.

  • Biafra: Igbo elders, leaders must ensure situation is not out of hand — Prof Ejike

    By Emmanuel Aziken, Political Editor Professor Chiweyite Ejike, the deputy chairman of Igbo Leaders of Thought, ILT, in this interview, spoke on the centrifugal issues that give rise to Igbo marginalization and agitations for Republic of Biafra among others. Ejike Professor Chiweyite Ejike, the deputy chairman of Igbo Leaders of Thought, ILT, On alleged marginalization of Ndigbo by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration The issue of marginalization had been a constant theme in discussions of the dividends of governance in Nigeria since Independence in 1960.

    At any point in time, it has been either the North or the South claiming marginalization in the distribution of government amenities and services and blaming it on the government in power while suggesting that the zone or region producing the Head of Government is being favoured. Many a time, one can say that there is no smoke without fire. There is no denying the fact that favouritism, nepotism and related unwholesome practices are part of the second nature of most Nigerians. In the current situation, it is important that we work with the knowledge and understanding that marginalization form part of the general problem of bad governance in the Nigerian polity. What is necessary is that we should fight marginalization not by pointing accusing fingers at any party, government or ethnic group, but by undertaking a proper study of the genesis, causes and empirical proof of this phenomenon both as it had played out in the past and as it is now being practiced under the current APC government at the centre and one might add, in almost all the state and local governments of the country.

    Thereafter, we should be able to proffer ways and means of providing remedies for this negative aspect of our national governance. The Igbo Leaders of Thought had in the past discussed this and other related national challenges at several of its Focus Group meetings. In summary, what we are saying is that, first, we need to be fully informed about the remote and the immediate causes of marginalization of Ndigbo. Secondly, the external and internal socio-economic and political dimensions of this fact of marginalization must be tackled. Thirdly, the need to evolve a viable road map with which to act in rectifying this deficiency. For the time being, the immediate reaction recommended is to realize that we (Igbo) as a people had fallen short of our expected role in preparing our people to take on the challenge of appropriate positions and role in the national theatre of operations in Nigeria. We must therefore, through our individual and corporate efforts, serious and determined good governance of the various states, initiate emergency action-plans and programmes that would enable us stand out as a beacon of excellence in Nigeria.

    That way, we would legitimately demand and fulfil the responsibilities and duties expected of us and claim the reward that Ndigbo deserve considering their past and present investments in the founding and nurturing of the Nigerian nation over the past 100 years. There is the opinion that Biafra agitations are being fuelled by extreme marginalization of Ndigbo in the country’s political and core professional appointments. Is this so and what have the ILT done in this direction? We are living in an age of grave circumstances. Protests are accepted in the world over as modulating techniques for keeping any given democracy on a steady keel. The danger, however, is that what normally starts up as peaceful protests could readily escalate into violence especially if not well led and if met with disproportionate police action. As for the nascent militancy in the South-East, the ILT would like to remind the nation that the constitution guarantees freedom of expression manifested in lawful protest(s) as a fundamental right. The solution to this serious development of Pro-Biafra demands is that we approach it with standard conflict resolution strategies accepted by the civilized world and directed by rules of engagement prescribed for such levels of national difficulties. What is required is not necessarily strong-arm response but consultations and dialogue aided by peaceful negotiations.


  • Don’t sell your votes for money — Orbih

    Chairman of the PDP in the state, Chief Dan Orbih has cautioned voters against selling their votes for a paltry N2000 which he claimed was being dangled by the ruling APC. Orbih spoke at a campaign rally in Gelegelegene in Ovia North East local government area where he advised voters to wait for the results after casting their votes on Election Day. He assured Ijaw communities in the state that the PDP will keep faith with its promises once it assumes office. The campaign team had earlier visited Ughoton community, birthplace of Osagie Ize-Iyamu’s grandmother, Igbinoghene Ize-Iyamu (nee Ogiemwanre Obazuwaye) where he expressed regret at the lack of basic amenities in the area and promised to reverse the trend if elected governor next month. He, however, said that he would not be a clannish governor who would deploy all of the state’s resources into developing his village at the expense of the rest of the state.

  • Adoption of new technologies critical to survival of SMEs – Ojo-Bello

    Dare-Ojo Bello is the MD/CEO, Matt O’Bell Ltd, an information technology company. MattO’Bell recently launched an Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP solution called OdooSME and targeted at small and medium enterprises, SMEs in Nigeria. In this interview with Vanguard, he spoke on the solution and its place in driving productivity and growth for SMEs in the country. Ojo belloWhat is OdooSME? OdooSME is robust ERP software developed for SMEs. It is simply a business application that allows SMEs to run their businesses more transparently, efficiently and ultimately helping them improve productivity and profitability. OdooSME is coined from two names. These include: Odoo and SME. Odoo is a business application that was initiated over eleven years ago with the aim of providing SMEs with the same technology tools that has helped the efficiency and productivity of big companies across the world. And then SME, which we all know, means Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Across the world, Odoo has about 700 partners. Partners are the ones that are in the local environment; they push the product, support it, and implement it for clients.

    In Nigeria today, we are one of the leading partners. We are a business partner to Odoo. Odoo is the software that we implement for our clients. To make this software run for SMEs, we built a platform, customized it and offer it as something we can deliver to SMEs, and we named it Odoo SME. We used the tool available from Odoo to build Odoo SME platform, so it is our solution. How does OdooSME help in addressing issues of corporate governance? OdooSME helps a lot in instituting corporate governance in a business. We call it best practice. For example, if an organisation uses ERP solutions, and you do not want cash beyond a particular limit to be disbursed by the accountant without a second approval, you can do that in ERP. It enforces control, it enforces best practice. It ensures that nobody can circumvent those policies basically. Whereas if it was basic accounting software; you will just run through with your accounting. ERP helps you go through several layers of approvals which cannot be gotten from a typical accounting system. What has been the response to OdooSME since launch in Nigeria? We launched OdooSME on the 6th of June but before then, we had clients we had already run projects for and several prospects that were not able to take our project because of the cost we mentioned. So we kept telling them we are going to launch an SME platform. Even some banks had approached us to build an ERP based SME platform for them.

    We spent nine months building this solution and we carried our entire prospects including existing customers along. There have been a lot of interests because people want to see if it is exactly the same solution that we get when we do projects. They want to know if a $20,000 solution can be deployed as a N1, 500 solution. We gave them thirty day trial, and a lot of them have gone in to look at those trials. The comments they came up with as feedback, have helped us to refine a lot of things as well, and the response have been very good. How can OdooSME help to bridge the gap between SMEs and big corporate organisations? First, whether we like it or not, when we look at the way SMEs start out, one man/few people running a business, the tool that have made big organisations successful, they are not easily accessible to them. Yet, you want SMEs to be able to use information to drive their businesses. So, SMEs need new technologies to survive. SMEs are disadvantaged from the start. And the further you go into the business, you do need that information, to know whether you are doing well or going through the right direction. These are information you can use to benchmark against competitors, market performance and all that. Without these, you are really dead on arrival as an SME. With an ERP like OdooSME, you have a tool from day one, even if you are already running a business, you need a tool, that tool must be affordable which is very key. It has to be robust, because it must be like every other ERP. It has to be easy to use. Ease of use comes with ease of learning, when we provide materials; will they be able to understand it? Odoo is targeted at SMEs generally, with the intention of providing an ERP with all its robustness. We have taken out complexity, and made it a solution that SMEs can easily learn and easy to use, so that when you start using it, you can connect with software as if you are using your Yahoo and all that, and that is why its web based. How can your solution assist government in repositioning SMEs for economic development? Government want to support SMEs. At the same time, they want to be sure if the funds are duly utilised. If you have to render some form of stewardship, government will be interested in knowing what you did with the first tranche of funding. That report itself has to be backed up by something. So if you have a system that is able to show evidence that this is what we were able to do with the first seed capital, it will build trust. And then government can now say it has seen the performance. But of course, it is not just the figure, before those figures were even produce in the first place; it means that the business has been controlled in an acceptable manner based on the first practice that is built into an ERP solution. By the time you are looking at the figure, which is the final output of activity that has been done in a controlled manner. Government then places confident and then say this company, they have showed some kind of credibility, so it is now time to take them to the next level. This is what the Bank of Industry usually does. When we started, we got only N5 million, we showed them what we could do with it, and then they came back and gave us N20 million. Government needs to get that confidence, and that confidence might come from the kind of system that you run.

  • Return my late son to me, bereaved father begs Stella Oduah

    Ex-husband of Senator Stella Oduah, Lt. Col. Satchie Emmanuel Etoromi (Rtd.), has urged the ex-aviation minister to return his late son to him now in Warri, Delta State for burial. oduah Sen. Stella Oduah Chief Etoromi speaking to newsmen in Warri shortly after sending a powerful delegation to the Igwe of Akili Ozizor, Ogbaru in Anambra State, royal majesty, Igwe D. O. Oduah, expressed sadness over the death of his son and how he was treated by the senator. In his letter to the royal father titled, “Appeal To Intercede To Ensure Senator Stella Adaeze Oduah Brings My Son, Maxwell Chinedu Obiechina Wereyesigha Toritseju Etoromi To Me In Warri For Burial,” the Etoromi said he read about the death of his 28 years old son in the newspapers without being informed by his ex-wife.

    The letter reads, “His Royal Highness Igwe Oduah 1, betrothed Stella Oduah to me on 18th November 1984 in Akili Ozizor. We married on the 16th of December 1984 in His Highness`s Palace in Akili Ozizor. After the payment of dowry and exchange of gifts, we were taken to Nde-Mili where we performed the final rites. “I am surprised to see in the internet stories that my son MAXWELL OMABUWA TEMISAREN OBIECHINA WEREYESIGHA TORITSEJU CHINEDU ETOROMI who Stella delivered for us on 14th March 1988 at 05.00 hour in St Mary`s Hospital Ugboroke Warri is dead. “Up till now Stella has not told me my son died in her custody. There is rumour that my son will be buried in Akili Ozizor. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL.

    My son must be brought to me in Warri for internment. late son Stella Oduah’s son, Maxwell Etoromi The letter which was copied to Most Reverend Valerian Okeke, The Arch-Bishop of Onitsha, and the Parish Priest, Father, Donald Uzoh of Sacred Heart Parish, added that “Stella should also bring back EYITUOYO FELIX KENNETH ORITSETIMEYIN IKECHUKWU ETOROMI who was delivered on 1st August 1989 at 0 5.30 hour in St Mary`s Hospital Ugboroke Warri whom she took away from our home over twenty years ago.” Chief Etoromi explained to the monarch that the stories needed not be told now, but his grief at Omabuwa`s transition was too much to bear, hence he is is reacting this way. It would be recalled that Akili Ozizor,the quiet country home of Nigeria’s former Aviation minister and presently the Senator representing Anambra North Senatorial Zone,Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, on Monday witnessed an unusual heavy vehicular and human movement when sympathisers,friends and dignitaries from across Anambra state rallied for vigil mass for the peaceful repose of the soul of late master Maxwell Chinedu, son of Senator Oduah who died last Friday at the age of 28. The Archbishop of Onitsha and Metropolitan of Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province, Most Rev Valerian Okeke presided over the mass with other four priests concelebrating.

    The Archbishop condoled with the entire family and described the death of Chinedu as a big trial moment for the family and urged them not to mourn as people without faith. According to the Archbishop,it is not the age one lived that matters but what one achieved in his life time. In his homily,the Episcopal Vicar of Dunukofia Region,Onitsha Archdiocese,Very Rev Fr Theophilus Odukwe likened the death of Chinedu to that of the Biblical John the Baptist whose life was cut short at a young age,a situation which he said faith had ordained. Fr Odukwe pointed out that in many cases and particularly in history,many achievers in history concluded their earthly journeys early in life adding that God in his infinite wisdom called the late Chinedu home after concluding his earthly assignment. He drew analogy on the vanity of life when he pointed out that neither wealth,power or money can give life but that God almighty gives life and takes as he wishes. One of those who arrived early for the mass are the former Secretary to the Federal Government,Chief Anyim Pius Anyim,Anambra State PDP chairman,Chief Ken Emeakayi,former Onitsha South Local government Chairman,Chief Ejidike, the Chief of Staff,Princess Stella Oduah Foundation,Princess Nwaka Ononuju,Director of Stella Oduah Campaign Organisation,Chief Pandola Okwuosa,and many others. Read more at:


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