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Saturday, 24 December 2016 21:01
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Is it possible for whatever you have been through in life to influence your decision? Please read this

I remember when I was still a little child, I spent more than a year in the hospital, from one to the other, according to the story my parents told me, it was the popular Igbobi Orthopedic hospital in Lagos I spent most of the months back then.

No wonder i have a heart for people, I always wish God bless me so that I can also bless others.

It was on a faithful Sunday morning when I visited one general hospital in Lagos. I went there when i saw an open letter written to Mavrodians via whatsapp, i got the message from a friend that there is a young girl who has been out of school for a year, she has a swollen stomach. I got to the hospital ward where she was, indeed it was the children ward. I went with my MMM shirt and muffler. Immediately my heart melted. Different cases i will never love to recollect. I decided to go use the ATM machine with the 3 different ATM cards I went with, suddenly, a student doctor ran to me and said a child is dying, we need #5,000 for them to go with the ambulance to go get blood at island. I was dump founded, will this child die because of the blood needed.

Unfortunately, there was limit to what we can withdraw from the ATM. But I went with my token. I met with different parents that were there, their children had different cases, if i can remember their number; they should be at least 10 including the patient I went to visit. The one that broke my heart most was when I was told a child died yesterday because the parents could not afford the #100,000 hospital bills. And i wonder how many children would have been to an early grave because of lack of funds. I also saw some children that were picked by the road side and i wonder, when some couples are looking for children, yet someone still have the mind to go abandon her child by the road side. After everything, we were able to clear hospital bills of more than a million naira. This is a collective effort because it’s from the community I got the help from.

The matron ran to me and hugged me, she said “so we still have somebody like you in this nation who can give willingly without seeking anything in return?” She bursted out in tears, and I replied her Mummy, the truth is I also have spent more than a year on the hospital bed before, I thank god I am alive today. She hugged me again and started praying for me. I told all the parents, both Muslims and Christians to pray for their children so that the operations and treatments can be successful. We said a little prayer. I was even embarrassed because i started begging the parents to stop kneeling down to thank me, rather they should thank god. I went to sit personally beside the patient I went to visit, and I told her, by God’s grace, you will return back to school soon. And that she should always call on Jesus because its not just about the money for operation, rather it is the great physician himself that will heal her. Finally I said to her that the only thank you I want from her is that “someday, you will also visit hospitals, and clear people’s bills, and this beautiful damsel nodded her head to signal yes”.

After everything, the male doctor asked me about MMM.

I was glad in my heart because I have not just touched lives, I have sown a seed in her heart. I thought I was strong enough in my mind, from there I went straight to church and went back home, I lost appetite throughout that day. I made sure no one snapped me because I know it will get to the media.

This has been my childhood dream, I remember many times I always cry to god to make me a giver. It is a principle that works. I have never seen a giver that lacks when he is in need.

How I wish the rich can do this and not just give when election is around the corner alone in order for them to win our vote. As mavrodians, MMM Nigeria has really thought me a lot and I laugh off all the allegations being written and said about us. Where were they when MMM Nigeria gave over 5million to IDP camps in abuja, where were they when the team visited Igando General Hospital in Lagos, the visit to UCH Ibadan, the visit to general hospital in benin, the charity events at Lagos State rehabilitation center at Ikorodu, Lagos, the Abia team that also visited orphanage home, is it the port harcourt team that constructed a borehole project, or the Akwa Ibom team that I will mention, amongst others.

Watch out for more charity events, I cant forget the day a widow told me in tears that she was able to pay her children school fees before resumption, thanks to MMM Nigeria. We don’t just give to mavrodians alone, we also give outside our community.

Finally to my fellow mavrodians, do not be discouraged or intimidated. There is this part of MMM Nigeria that the media’s eyes are closed to all because of their selfish interest, it is our charity events. We give because we are givers and not because we want to do notice me. Do not give because you want people to serve you. Kindly embrace the heart of giving because that is what the community truly represents.

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