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Cut Off That Evil Tongue by Dr Chris Okafor

Thursday, 13 October 2016 23:33

‘People can tame all kind of animals and birds and reptiles and fishes, but no one can tame the tongue. It is uncontrollable evil, full of deadly poison. James 3:7-8.

People take pride in having a sharp tongue that can and abuse others without limitation. They boast that they do not lack the courage to say whatever they feel like saying to whomever, wherever and whenever they are provoked to do so. They care less about the consequences of their attitude because they somehow get away with talking carelessly. Such people will also not have anything good to say about themselves. They are their own worst critics and Judge, they subject themselves tp caustic criticism as much as to others.

It is commonly said that the way we treat other people is a reflection of the way we feel about themselves. If you feel blessed and loved by God, you will treat others with love and recognize the blessings of God upon their lives. If you go about unnecessarily criticizing yourself and others,  you have an evil tongue and you need to cut it off? They only sure way to cut it off is to fill your heart and mind with the word of God because out of abundant of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Let the word of God take root and grow mightily in your spirit, soul and body.

Pray Along:

  • Let the blood of Jesus purge my heart and mind off every evil thought pattern in the name of Jesus.
  • Holy Ghost fire, purify the desires and thoughts of every heart in Jesus name.

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Dr Chris Okafor is the senior pastor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracles Ministries also known as Liberation City, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a prolific writer and conference speaker. Supreme prophet with strong prophetic unction and grace upon his life. He is the host of Liberation TV on MyTV satellite network. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his family.


Join Dr Chris Okafor for 3 hours of Prophecy and Solution Reign at Liberation City from 7am - 12pm, every Wednesday.

Also Glorious and Celebration Service every Sunday with Dr Chris Okafor, from 7am - 12pm at Liberation City Lagos.

Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries
9, Oshofisan Street, Off Odozi street by Ereke Bus Stop, Ojodu Lagos, Nigeria. call 2348162410226, 2348157557605, 2348095906161 

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